Our products

LUCA thrives to create a sustainable workforce who’s build on strong community skills, positive mindset and healthy habits 

Yearly wellness programs

We Combined an Holistic view to improve employee wellbeing:

1. Implement a company-wide employee wellbeing strategy
2.Create a cohesive culture
3.employees work style & control
4. Provide a range of social opportunities
5.Offer real mental health support
6.Develop wellbeing programs


Wellness studio classes

A verity of wellness classes
3.Functional training
4.Movement MMP
5. Tai Chi
6.Running groups
And more..


Wellness Events

Create a vriety of Welleness days 1.company retrets
2.Wellness offcites for Brainstorming and inspiration
3.Water sports activities
4.A verity of movement workshops
5.Relex & Rejuvinat Events
6.A variety of seminars and lectures on nutrition, mindset and more


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